F a m i l y

T h e p a s s i o n s a n d v a l u e s h a n d e d d o w n b y t h e f a m i l y a r e t h e m o s t a u t h e n t i c t h i n g s w e k e e p i n l i f e .

Casa Setaro was born in Campania, on the slopes of Vesuvius, on the initiative of a family that has been able to revolutionize the style and perception of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Doc, declining the vinification ofAglianico, Falanghina ( Campania Igt) and Piedirosso (Vesuvio Doc), also working to revive local native vines at risk of extinction, such as Caprettone.

Production takes place in full respect of the environment, with a range of eclectic wines consistent with the company philosophy. All are representative wines of a Vesuvius steeped in memories. But always with an “eye” to innovation and to the future.

The Setaro family begins to devote itself to the cultivation of grapes and their transformation, in a sustainable and identifying way, through that wealth of knowledge and ancient knowledge handed down from Vincenzo to his son Massimo Setaro. Today Maria Rosaria, Massimo’s wife, flanked and supported him: together they safeguard the history of Vesuvian viticulture with loving tailoring.