S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

" R e s p e c t a n d l o v e t h e l a n d , i t w i l l k n o w h o w t o r e w a r d a r e t h e w o r d s o f V i n c e n z o S e t a r o

For this reason, the wine project starts from a dream called a vineyard.

The desire to obtain a quality capable of growing over time finds an important ally in biodiversity. The interaction of the vines and the different biotypes with the individual terroirs within the Vesuvius National Park, each with its own microclimate and exposure, allows for singular productions, each characterized by its own and unrepeatable identity.

Casa Setaro does not use herbicides and chemical fertilizers, and cultivates organically. Environmental sustainability and excellent grapes are pursued with the good practices adopted for some time in the vineyard, paying attention and cleanliness in each step. This is the only way to obtain healthy and ripe grapes, reducing the environmental impact to zero.